Dream Killers

Published June 10, 2013 by charmagnecaruso

So a close friend and I were having a phone convo a few days ago about, oh let’s call them “Haters”. He likes to call them “Dream Killers” so that’s what the official name has become. The definition you ask? Dream Killers: Individuals or even groups of people who are miserable and lack in what drives or motivates them so they want to shoot others down from their dreams, because you know misery loves company. They are so enraged with them selves that they will shoot anyone else’s dreams down at all costs to make themselves look and feel better.


I have been here too many times before. Letting people keep me underneath their thumbs because they were scared I would out shine them and run off to grow into this beautiful human being. I am so sick of weak people. Go that way!!!

Come on now, who do you think you are? Trying to control me?? Bless your soul! I answer to the man above and only him. If there is one thing I’ve learned, its that nothing positive can happen in your life with negative influence in it. Cut it a loose and watch good things begin to happen. Let the light shine because we are all meant to do great things but only you can realize that. Life gets hard but guess what? You were born to weather the storm! Trust me, better yet trust yourself!


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